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The Biggest Word

On Sunday we started a new conversation called "Big Words" in which we'll be exploring some of the vocabulary of our faith tradition.  Each week we'll be revisiting a word that was shared from within the community and re-imagining it's meaning and implications.  As we began our journey Greg led us in a reflection around the LOGOS, or the word of God, and the ways in which we can come to know God's communication with humanity.  In case you missed the convo, it's been posted to our new youtube channel here.   This week we'll be continuing our conversation by looking at the words repentance & baptism.  As always there are lots of things going on beyond Sundays in the life of our community, be sure to check it all out!
Things Going on In and Through Oak Life:


Oak Life Families Hang: Calling all Oak Life families or soon to be families!  On Sunday July 14th from 3-5pm at Lake Merritt (the playground alongside Bellevue near the bird sanctuary) we're hosting a meet up.  Bring the kiddos or if you've got kiddos on the way, come meet some other families!  We'll also be sharing some updates about childcare!

Oak Life Service/Videos: Over the coming weeks we'll be switching our facebook stream to youtube.  Bare with us as we work through the technical issues.  If you'd like to check out our beta youtube page, click here.

BBQ/Potluck after church!  After Church on Sunday July 28th we're going to be having a community potluck/BBQ/hang out at Lake Merritt!  This is a great way to enjoy the Summer and hang with some beautiful Oak Lifers!  We'll be meeting in the grass where Stanton and Bellevue intersect (same location as church at the lake last year).  Bring something to share, blankets, lawn games, etc! 

Counseling Recommendations Requested!  We're hoping to build a resource list of counselors/therapists in the area.  If you have any info on recommendations (potentially including pricing), please email ups back!

Spiritual Formation Group:  Gina is leading a monthly 6 session group in some of the contemplative practices around being with God, others, and ourselves.  Folks are welcome to jump in at any point.  For more info email

Childcare at Oak Life: Oak Life is stoked that we now have the resources to have childcare!  As we continue to grow, we currently have childcare every 3rd Sunday of the month for kids 9months - 4ish years of age during the sermon portion of our gathering (hopefully every Sunday in the future as we can afford it!).  This month childcare is on the 4th Sunday, June 23rd due to a scheduling conflict with the theater.  Kids are welcome in service every other week. 

Life Groups:  Oak Life runs two main "sessions" of life groups, one in the Fall and one in the Winter/Spring. Currently our Winter/Spring sessions are coming to a close and groups will be taking a break for the Summer.  If you'd like to learn about starting a group for the Fall, let us know! 

Volunteering at Oak Life:  Pretty much everything that happens in Oak Life is a result of folks from the community participating in making us what we are.  If you'd like to check out the places to volunteer click here.

Generosity Towards Oak Life: Oak Life's roots and branches depend on the generosity of it's community members.  If you'd like to practice financial generosity towards Oak Life, which pays for our rent, staff, and ministry expenses- you can do so online through our website here.   There are options to give on a one-time, monthly or periodic basis.   If you have any questions regarding financial stuff at Oak Life you can send an email to the team:

Facebook Group:  Got a prayer request or community event you'd like to share?  Join our Facebook Group to keep the conversation going.  Also, most Sunday's we live stream part of the service!


Community Justice Team Updates & Survey: We want to hear from you, please fill out this survey! The Community Justice Team at Oak Life just held an info session to share some of their progress.  If you'd like to learn more about what they are up to click here.  Also, this is an open team that meets about every 2 weeks- if you'd like to join one of their meetings or learn more, email Darren at

Third Sunday Giving Update:  Once a month we give away our entire offering to a local group or cause and it's been super encouraging to see the ways we've been able to join in good work in our community. Over the past 12 months Oak Life has given away almost $8,000!!! This month we heard from and donated $468 to the Pacific Center in support of their work providing counseling and support to the LGBT community.  If you'd like to watch a thank you from some of our third Sunday partners click here.

Homeless Community Support: Oak Life is connected to a local camp community and we're always looking for donations to bring our friends.  Current needs include: bottle waters, clipper/bart cards, packs of socks, cold meds, and gift cards.  If you'd like to donate, just bring something in on a Sunday and we'll deliver it that week.

Other Stuff?  Got ideas for other ways we can serve our community?  Want to start a new group?  Interested in organizing a hike our outing? Oak Life is a community led church- so let's make it happen.  Just shoot us back an email.

That's all for now!

Grace and Peace, 

Chris Scott

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