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For We are God's Masterpiece

This Summer Oak Life is engaging with some of the words connected to faith traditions in a series called Big Words: revisiting and re-imagining the vocabulary of faith.  This week we reflected on the ways the word abomination has been by people of faith in hurtful, problematic and un-biblical ways.  Using Ephesians 2:10 as a foundational text we were invited to never see anyone as an abomination, but as a masterpiece created by a loving God.  Reflecting on these ideas was particularly pertinent becasue this Sunday we also offered apologies,  water, hugs, and lots of love at Oakland Pride to a community that has often been hurt by the church with words like these.   At Oak Life we affirm the image of God in every gender, orientation, race, ability, age, or societal position- "for we are God's masterpiece, created to do the good works in Christ Jesus which God has planned for each of us long ago."    If you missed Sunday head over to our youtube page where we post a video of most week's convos!   This week in our Big Words conversation we'll be wrestling with the word Bible and re-imagining how we can experience our sacred text as a source of life, adventure, and sweetness.  As always there are lots of things going on beyond Sundays in the life of our community, be sure to check it all out!
Things Going on In and Through Oak Life:


Oak Life Campout October 4-6!  The countdown is on to reserve your spot at Casini Ranch for Oak Life’s annual camping trip, Oct 4-6. Please rsvp here. Don’t have a tent, no problem! Need a ride there, we got you! Have an idea for an activity, do tell! For questions and more information email RSVP online by Sept 4, payment due by Sept 20.

Childcare Every Week Starting This Sunday! (We need you!): We're super excited to announce that we'll be starting childcare every Sunday over the coming weeks and we're looking for some more folks to volunteer!  Childcare is offered during the sermon portion of our services for children 9 months - 4ish years of age.  We're also hosting an open house/orientation on September 15th at 8:30am for folks who are interested.  If you'd like to learn more email Andi:

Fall Life Groups Starting / Looking for Life Group Hosts!  Oak Life runs two main "sessions" of life groups, one in the Fall and one in the Winter/Spring. Our Fall session will be starting at the end of September or early October click here for a list of groups and signups.  We're also looking for more hosts - if you'd like to learn about starting a group for the Fall, let us know! You can also click here for an intro into what hosting a group might look like. 

Worship/Prayer/Communion Night: Wednesday September 25th (7-8pm): There will be a special gathering for extended worship, prayer, and communion. This gathering will be held at Chapter 510 (2301 Telegraph Ave).

Oak Life Service/Videos: Over the coming weeks we'll be switching our facebook stream to a youtube channel.  Bear with us as we work through the technical issues.  On our new chanell we'll post Sunday conversations, songs that we sing, and also a brand new "Roots & Branches" discussion/show.   If you'd like to check out our beta youtube page, click here.

Volunteering at Oak Life:  Pretty much everything that happens in Oak Life is a result of folks from the community participating in making us what we are.  If you'd like to check out the places to volunteer click here.

Generosity Towards Oak Life: Oak Life's roots and branches depend on the generosity of it's community members.  If you'd like to practice financial generosity towards Oak Life, which pays for our rent, staff, and ministry expenses- you can do so online through our website here.   There are options to give on a one-time, monthly or periodic basis.   If you have any questions regarding financial stuff at Oak Life you can send an email to the team:

Facebook Group:  Got a prayer request or community event you'd like to share?  Join our Facebook Group to keep the conversation going.  Also, most Sunday's we live stream part of the service!


Oakland Pride: Thanks to all who helped us be a loving presence at Oakland Pride this week! 

Creek to Bay Clean Up Day:  Join your neighbors to clean, green, and beautify Oakland's creeks and shorelines Saturday September 21st from 10am-noon.  Oak Life has adopted this portion of creek and it's been super cool to see the ways our work has made an impact.  Email Sadie if you'd like to attend, more info coming soon.  Did we mention there would be pizza and snacks?

Community Justice Team Updates & Survey: We want to hear from you, please fill out this survey! The Community Justice Team at Oak Life just held an info session to share some of their progress.  If you'd like to learn more about what they are up to click here.  Also, this is an open team that meets about every 2 weeks- if you'd like to join one of their meetings or learn more, email Darren at

Third Sunday Giving Update:  Once a month we give away our entire offering to a local group or cause and it's been super encouraging to see the ways we've been able to join in good work in our community. Over the past 12 months Oak Life has given away almost $8,000!!! This month we gave $406 to Garfield Elementary to support their work investing in the youth of Oakland.  If you'd like to watch a thank you from some of our third Sunday partners click here.

Homeless Community Support: Oak Life is connected to a local camp community and we're always looking for donations to bring our friends.  Current needs include: bottle waters, clipper/bart cards, packs of socks, cold meds, and gift cards.  If you'd like to donate, just bring something in on a Sunday and we'll deliver it that week.

Other Stuff?  Got ideas for other ways we can serve our community?  Want to start a new group?  Interested in organizing a hike our outing? Oak Life is a community led church- so let's make it happen.  Just shoot us back an email.

That's all for now!

Grace and Peace, 

Chris Scott

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