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If you have to miss a Saturday for any reason, you are required to make up the work from each class on Canvas. You will need to complete each classes' work by the following Wednesday at 11:59 PM. If you do not have access to the Internet please inform a staff member immediately. If you are absent for more than 5 Saturdays we will talk about exiting you from the program.


If you are going to be absent, text, call in, or email staff members.  Do not wait until Saturday afternoon to communicate your absence.  Also, be respectful of UB staff; do not text or call after 10 pm or before 7 am.

You MUST communicate with us that you will not be here!

10th Graders

1st Block - Writing
2nd Block - Workshop
3rd Block - Flight
4th Block - Homeroom

11th Graders

1st Block - Homeroom
2nd Block - Writing
3rd Block - Workshop
4th Block - Flight

12th Graders

1st Block - Workshop
2nd Block - Flight
3rd Block - Homeroom
4th Block - Writing

Block Times

Breakfast - 8:30 AM - 8:45 AM
General Meeting - 8:45 AM - 9:05 AM
Block 1 - 9:10 AM - 10:05 AM
Block 2 - 10:10 AM - 11:05 AM
Block 3 - 11:10 AM - 12:05 PM
Block 4 - 12:10 PM - 1:05 PM
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Points Leaderboard
Erick Castro-Arellano
Hannah Williams
Diane Williams
Ashley Rodriguez
Annie Puga
Vanessa Prado
Nancy Perez
Izabella Grimaldo
Kim Ortez
Chigozirim Onyegbule
Oswaldo Acevedo






Remember to send your UBjectives to Martika as soon as possible. 

Sophomore's UBjective >>
UBjectives Bonus Date: 11/6/21
UBjectives Deadline: 12/4/21

Junior's UBjective >>
Green UBjectives (page 1) Due: 12/4/21
Purple UBjectives (page 2) Due: 12/13/21

Seniors' UBjectives >>
Due Date: 12/5/21
Saturday Meeting Schedule
August 28 // Saturday Academic Meeting

September 11 // Saturday Academic Meeting

September 25 // Saturday Academic Meeting

October 2 // RECRUITS ONLY

October 9 // Saturday Academic Meeting
October 23 // Saturday Academic Meeting

November 6 // Saturday Academic Meeting

November 13 // Saturday Academic Meeting

December 4 // Saturday Academic Meeting

December 11 // Saturday Academic Meeting


The first recruitment meeting is on Saturday, October 2. If you have any friends or family members in 9-11th grade who you think would be great for TRIO UB tell them to come on through! 
Scholarship Corner
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Superpower Scholarship

Have you ever wondered where you'd go if you could fly around downtown? Or maybe you daydream of secretly taking over the world - to each his own. For all of those hero lovers and villain enthusiasts, this super scholarship can give you the power to win free college money.

Use your imagination and become the superhero, or perhaps supervillain, you've always wanted to be. Would you live a life in a comic book universe or use your powers here in the real world? We want to know how you would use your super powers for good, or bad, even if it was just for the day.

While we can't give you the ability to walk through walls or read minds, our Superpower Scholarship can help increase your brainpower with $2,500 to use towards education.

Applicants must:

 - This award is for U.S. students.
 - Must be a legal U.S. resident.
  - Must be a resident of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia.
- Must be 14 years of age or older at time of application.


"Which superhero or villain would you want to change places with for a day and why?" (250 words or less)

The Superpower Scholarship winner will be notified by email or phone on or around June 30.
Apply Now

Riddle Me This...

16, 06, 68, 88, ?, 98.
What number would come after 88 (where the '?' is)?

Text Martika your answer. 

Last Saturday's Answer: Fishhook 
Last Saturday's Winners: Kim Ortez & Alondra Arellano!
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Forensic Psychologist
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About Forensic Psychologist 

Forensic psychologists perform several duties within the legal system, including performing psychological assessments of criminals, witnesses and defendants in legal proceedings and acting as expert witnesses in court cases. They may also devise treatment plans and intervention methods for prison inmates and make recommendations for inmates' parole. These professionals typically work for community health centers, psychiatric hospitals, government agencies and correctional facilities.

Some job duties: 
 - Assess criminal defendants to provide the court with psychological evaluations concerning threat risk or recommended treatment.
 - Assist attorneys with jury selection.
 - Recommend case strategy concerning presentation of evidence and legal arguments.
 - Serve as witnesses in order to provide expert opinion regarding an individual’s mental state.
 - Conduct research regarding the emotions, behaviors and thought processes of various participants in a court case.
 - Teach forensic psychology concepts to students or other legal professionals.

National average salary: $86,959 per year


Degree: Master's or Doctoral 

Degree Field: Psychology,  Forensic Psychology, 

Licenses: From the American Board of Forensic Psychology. State licenses required. 

Key Skills

Analytical skills.

Communication skills. 


Interpersonal skills. 

Observational skills. 


Problem-solving skills.


Psychologists in private practice often set their own hours, and many work part time as independent consultants. They may work evenings or weekends to accommodate clients. Those employed in hospitals or other healthcare facilities may also have evening or weekend shifts. Most psychologists in clinics, government, industry, or schools work full-time schedules during regular business hours.
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ACT Test Dates

Test Date                      |       Register Deadline
October 23, 2021         |      September 17, 2021
December 11, 2021      |      November 5, 2021
February 12, 2022        |     January 7, 2022
April 2, 2022                 |       February 25, 2022
June 11, 2022               |       May 6, 2022

SAT Test Dates

Test Date                     |       Register Deadline
October 2, 2021           |      September 3, 2021
November 6, 2021       |      October 8, 2021
December 4, 2021       |      November 4, 2021
March 12, 2022            |      February 11, 2022
May 7, 2022                 |      April 8, 2022
June 4, 2022                |       April 8, 2022

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