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Financial Support, Emergency Feed Available for B.C. Farmers, Ranchers

The governments of B.C. and Canada are providing financial support for B.C. farmers and ranchers who have suffered losses through wildfires, record heat and prolonged drought in 2021.

The support is being delivered through several programs to help sustain farmers’ and ranchers’ livelihoods, family farms and contributions to the province’s food security. Read the press release for more information. 




Meat Production Modernization

On July 20, 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries announced important changes to meat inspection and licensing in B.C. are coming on October 1, 2021.

The Ministry amended the Meat Inspection Regulation to create new license categories, and to allow more modernized inspection approaches.

These updates to modernize meat licensing and inspection in B.C. are in response to consultation feedback regarding the challenges facing B.C.’s meat industry, including capacity issues such as accessing slaughter services and cut-and-wrap businesses to process meat, and a lack of skilled labour. New licenses under B.C.'s Graduated Licensing System come into effect October 1, 2021. 


Best Practices for Managing Water

Looking for resources to improve your water management practices?  The Climate and Agriculture Initiative B.C. have produced four new webinars that provide information on keyline design and strategies for dryland farming. 

-Keyline water management: how to slow, sink, spread, store and plan for overflow
-Agriculture, the water cycle and agroforestry: how to tap into the water conservation benefits of trees on farms
-Building soil carbon and soil tilth: how to conserve water and manage moisture using soil organics and tilth, the structure of the soil
-Forage crop and variety selection: how different species perform under dry conditions and how to select the right kind for your operation




Digital Marketing Bootcamp Program

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp Program recently received additional funding and has openings for new registrants. The bootcamp was developed in partnership with the B.C. government and Alacrity Canada. The eight-week course covers 40 key topics offered by 10 expert mentors. Instruction is offered through a mix of material and includes live virtual classroom session and mentoring. A self-directed online option is also available. 

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp is open to small and medium-sized businesses with one to 149 employees. To be eligible, a business must be B.C.-based and registered to do business in B.C. To learn about other eligibility criteria or to apply, please visit the Alacrity Canada website. 
 Want to see more webinars to support that could support your business? Visit our AgriService B.C. Past Webinars library to view other recorded webinars.
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Survey of BC Small-Scale Meat Producers

The Small-Scale Meat Producers Association invites you to complete a comprehensive survey that will gather data capturing the economic scope of small-scale meat producers within BC and assist them to better understand the challenges and barriers facing these producers, as well as their opportunities.

“Small-scale” meat producer in BC, including direct-sale meat producers of all sizes and those that have stopped producing within the last five years, are invited to complete the survey. Help spread the word so your voices can inform the specific changes that are needed to help this sector grow and thrive in BC.

The survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete. All current producers who complete the survey are eligible to receive a $25 discount code for fencing supplies. Click on the survey link for details. The survey will be open until September 10, 2021. 

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