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Creating Inclusive Workplace Policies and Strategies 
October 14 (Thurs) | 3:30 - 4:30 pm

In this workshop, organizations will learn about key components and strategies to building inclusive policies and how to embed inclusion into practice. The workshop will use intersectionality and equity, diversity and inclusion lenses in developing policies and embedding practices.

This workshop will be facilitated by Ismaël Traoré, PhD, who is a racial diversity, equity and inclusion educator, researcher and specialist. At the heart of his work is cultural and organizational change through evidence-based practices. He is interested in issues of power and privilege, cultural competency, and multicultural organizational development. Dr. Traoré has co-produced a documentary with Dr. Lisa Watt titled “Hamilton‘s Ugly Underbelly: Racism” (2015). This educational film documents contemporary forms of racism, activism, and community healing in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Nice to Meet You Project – Stories of Migration 

Presented by Port Moody Station Museum in partnership with TCLIP

In 2020, Luana Magno participated in the TCLIP’s Diversity in Leadership Project. As part of this project, under-represented voices were brought together to explore their journeys through storytelling.

Luana is a newcomer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a trained lawyer, who expresses herself through art, especially photography. She found a great connection to the stories shared in the Diversity in Leadership Project and, consequently, with the people telling them. From this experience, a desire developed in Luana to create community connections by sharing the journeys of other migrants. This was done with the hope that, by seeing their friendly faces and hearing their stories, neighbours and communities would know precisely how much value and potential immigrants bring. This vision became the Nice to Meet You Project.

Nice to Meet You is an exhibition that presents these diverse voices and faces of immigration. At this exhibition, you will see faces of community members, TCLIP partners, friends of the museum, and people who were part of the Diversity in Leadership Project; all of whom made their journeys to Canada and made this country their chosen home. We acknowledge and respect their stories before Canada and in Canada. These are the faces of our neighbours, coworkers and friends. Each one of them has a singular and amazing journey, filled with courage. They came to this country looking for different things and are here to tell you stories of resilience. 

Check out the exhibition by October 31, 2021. 




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B.C.'s Human Rights Commissioner Guidance on proof of vaccination requirements

With vaccine uptake numbers rising and public health restrictions easing in B.C., many businesses, employers and service providers are considering “vaccination status policies,” including those that require people to prove they have been vaccinated to access their place of employment, housing and other services. New guidance has recently been issued to clarify the human rights considerations needed when developing rules about vaccination status. The Commissioner‘s position is that in some circumstances a vaccination status policy such as a proof-of-vaccination requirement can be implemented—but only if other less intrusive means of preventing COVID-19 transmission are inadequate and if due consideration is given to the human rights of everyone involved. The Commissioner also recommends that vaccine status policies should adhere to six main principles: equitable access, evidence-based, time limited, proportional to the health risk, necessary and minimally intrusive, and respectful of privacy rights. 




The Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership brings community leaders
and organizations together to set priorities and coordinate services for immigrants and refugees, and to create a community where everyone
can be welcomed and belong.

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