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March 30 2020 
COVID - 19 Weekly Snapshot: 
Overview of Topics and Community Resources

Overview of Weekly Topics and Community Resources
As Spring Break ends, and we navigate this new relationship between school and home, we will be providing weekly Snapshots to support families.  The goal is to give clear, current information to support mental health and learning  for all our youth during the coming weeks and months.  Please stay safe and healthy!

Snapshot Topics for Next Six Weeks: 

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Maintaining Physical and Mental Health:
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Mental and Physical Health Apps (All are Free and recommended from a Community Service Provider): 

Physical Health Apps:

Sleep Cycle: The app allows the user to track sleep cycles throughout the night, based on movement and sound analysis.  It works to wake the user up during the lightest part of their cycle to avoid grogginess. (all ages)

Clue: An app for females to track their periods and build up a picture of how their cycle not only affects physical health but mental health too.  (14+)

Streaks: Streaks is a to-do list that helps the user form good habits by tracking up to 12 habits. (all ages)

Super Stretch Kids Yoga:  This app for kids  includes animation and video instruction for 12 yoga poses. (Elementary age)

Sworkit Kids: An exercise and fitness app aimed at elementary and middle school aged kids.  The app guides students through routines focusing on strength, agility, flexibility and balance. (Elementary and Middle age)

Fitify:  A personalized digital fitness coach, this app allows the user to find workouts that match their current physical capabilities and tracks progress. (Middle and Secondary ages)

Mental Health Apps

Headspace:  Led by former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe, the premise is to take 10 minutes a day to listen in and clear your mind. (Middle and Secondary age)

Meditopia:  This app offers 1000+ guided meditations on topics including stress, anxiety, acceptance, happiness, movitation, focus and breath. (Middle and Secondary age)
Get Calm:  If mental health is a concern, this app allows users to monitor feelings and recognize any patterns or triggers in behaviours, then offers self help modules to tackle issues such as stress, anxiety and change.  (Secondary Age)

Manatee & Me:  The app creates mental health goals for the whole family, and gamifies the process so all family members collect points for the family by learning new mental health skills.  (Elementary and Middle ages)

Mindshift: This app allows users to learn about anxiety and develop tools to cope, be more mindful and relax. (Middle and Secondary age)

Mindful Powers:  This app introduces kids to mindfulness through a series of interlinking stories (Elementary Age)
 Community Services:
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Mental and Physical Health Resources for Families: 

IMCRT (Integrated Mobile Crisis Response Team):  

Individuals in crisis can call the Vancouver Island Crisis Line at 1-888-484-3888 and the staff will support and offer crisis intervention options.  

Pediatric Mental Health Services VGH: 

Please call the VGH switchboard at 250-727-4212 and ask for the Crisis Team if you feel your child (under 17) is at the point of needing to come to ER for mental health reasons.  Staff would like to plan ahead, to avoid close physical contact if at all possible.  

Mental Health Services Jubilee: 

Please call the Jubille switchboard at and ask for the Crisis Team if you are feeling your child (17 and over) is at the point of needing to come to ER for mental health reasons.  Staff would like to plan ahead, to avoid close physical contact if at all possible.

Youth Empowerment Society:

All outreach workers are maintaining contact with youth through video conferencing, text  and phone.  The Alliance Club is open 12 - 6pm, Monday through Thursday.  They are taking new referrals, but no face to face meetings. Detox is still available in a modified capacity.  Kiwanis Youth Shelter is still accepting 24 hour intake.

Neighbourhood Houses: 

All Neighbourhood Houses are only offering essential services and have limited staff on site.  They ask that you call first, so that safe physical space can be maintained.
Burnside Gorge: 250-388-5251
Saanich: 250-360-1148
Fairfield Gonzales:  250-382-4604
James Bay: 250-388-7844
Quadra:  250-388-7696
Esquimalt:  250-385-2635
Fernwood:  250-381-1552

Island Sexual Health: 

M-F from 9 - 4pm: Offering phone/video access to Dr/nurses and sexual health services.  Please call ahead for an appointment time at 250-592-3479, or text a sexual health question to 250-812-9374.

The Foundry:

M - F phones are answered at 10:30am as they work to best serve youth.   There are limited in-person interactions and they are moving towards telehealth and phone communication.  Services still offered include communication with: Doctors, Nurses, Counselling, Peer Support and Outreach.  

Child and Youth Mental Health: 

Victoria, Saanich and Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health are still accepting referrals and conducting intakes (by phone), and continue to work with current clients and families by phone, email, and soon via Skype Business.  At the moment, all groups are postponed.


Discovery Services is still supporting clients but through video, texting and phone.  They are still accepting new referrals.  Families can directly refer or can contact the school counsellor.

Ministry of Children and Families:

The Ministry of Children and Families continue to provide support to families, although the medium will be by phone or online, and they will continue to respond to protection concerns.  Please call centralized screening at 1-800-663-8122 if you think a child or youth is being abused

Victoria Native Friendship Centre: 

Essential services will continue including daycare, shelter and homelessness outreach.  A food hamper plan is in the works for struggling families.  If you require food support or want to confirm other service options, please contact your VNFC outreach/support worker at reception:

NEEDS2:  Suicide Prevention Education and Support: 

NEEDS2 offers support and crisis response for youth through live chat, text, discussion forums and through Youth talk email counselling.  Chat hours are between 6 pm and midnight.  Call  250-386-6328 or visit

Food Resources for Families: 

The following sites are providing food resources; please call for specific times and services:
Salvation Army ARC250-384-3396
Stan Hagen Centre250-386-8521
Living Edge250-383-8915
St Vincent de Paul:  250-382-0712
9-10 Club778-440-7687
Rainbow Kitchen250-384-2069
Mustard Seed250-953-1575

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Strategies for Social Distancing:

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 Learning Resources:

General Learning Resources:
The Ministry of Education site contains excellent information on learning at home and resources for families
The Greater Victoria School District provides learning opportunities for elementary, middle and secondary age students.

 Learning Resources for Students with Complex Needs:

In the following weeks, snapshots will include age appropriate resources specifically designed to support students with complex needs.  Our goal is to continue to provide thoughtful, relevant and practical strategies for our diverse learning community.  




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