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Reorientation & Transformation

On Sunday we continued our "Why Christian" conversation as we heard from an Oak Lifer about their faith journey and also explored the why behind the practices/actions connected to our faith.  Using Paul's words to Timothy about spiritual training from 1 Timothy 4, we considered that practices are opportunities to reorient our realities around God's love- which ultimately changes us over time.  Our hope is that we'll be people who are fueled by grace instead of guilt, and that when it comes to life with God, we'll learn to have a posture or "get to" instead of "have to".   Most Sundays we post a video on our youtube page, but this week it got cut off early just FYI.    This week we'll be continuing our Why Christian conversation as we have a panel discussion with some Oak Life folks around the question "why do you identify as a Christian?".  As always, there's lots of other stuff going on in and through Oak Life- be sure to read below!

Things Going on In and Through Oak Life


Oak Life Friends-giving!  For the 6th straight year we're hosting a potluck style Friends-giving.  This year's Friends-giving will be on Sunday November 24th at 6pm at Chapter 510.  To sign up for an item to bring, click here. 

Childcare Every Week (We need you!): We're super excited to announce that we've started to offer childcare every Sunday during the sermon portion of our services for children 9 months - 4ish years of age.  As we continue to form this space we'll need more volunteers and support- If you'd like to learn more email our Childcare Director, Andi:

Oak Life Mental Health Project: In order to better serve our community we're putting together a mental health resource page.  We're looking for folks to share recommendations on counselors/resources in the process.  To learn more click here.

Fall Life Groups:  Oak Life runs two main "sessions" of life groups, one in the Fall and one in the Winter/Spring. Our Fall session will be recently started- click here for a list of groups and signups.  We're also looking for more hosts - if you'd like to learn about starting a group for the Fall, let us know! You can also click here for an intro into what hosting a group might look like.

Oak Life Service/Videos: We have a YouTube channel!  On it you'll find Sunday conversations, songs that we sing, and also a brand new "Roots & Branches" discussion/show.   If you'd like to check out our youtube page, click here.

Volunteering at Oak Life:  Pretty much everything that happens in Oak Life is a result of folks from the community participating in making us what we are.  If you'd like to check out the places to volunteer click here.

Generosity Towards Oak Life: Oak Life's roots and branches depend on the generosity of it's community members.  If you'd like to practice financial generosity towards Oak Life, which pays for our rent, staff, and ministry expenses- you can do so online through our website here  If you'd like to view a recent budget report prepared by the finance team, click here.  If you have any questions regarding financial stuff at Oak Life you can send an email to the team: 

Facebook Group:  Got a prayer request or community event you'd like to share?  Join our Facebook Group to keep the conversation going.  Also, most Sunday's we live stream part of the service!


Operation Cranberry Sauce:  On November 23rd, Oak Life will be participating in an wide distribution of Thanksgiving meals to the community.  We'll need volunteers to pass out the meals from 9-11am.  If you're interested in supporting, just email us back.  Also, we're looking for some one to rent a truck and  pick up the meals from Livermore day of, if you can help let us know!

Community Justice Team Update:  Oaklife's Community Justice Team has now chosen to focus on the issue of homelessness and housing in Oakland! As the first step in taking action, the team is engaging in research around 4 areas: 1. Individual testimony from those facing the problem directly, 2. City government actions and policies that impact housing and the unsheltered, 3. Non-profits who are engaged in services and advocacy for those struggling with housing 4. Academic research on causes of the housing problem in the U.S. and approaches taken in other parts of the globe to resolve it.

Third Sunday Giving Update:  Once a month we give away our entire offering to a local group or cause and it's been super encouraging to see the ways we've been able to join in good work in our community. Over the past 12 months Oak Life has given away almost $8,000!!! This month we gave $590 to Centro Legal De La Raza to support their work offering legal support to immigrant communities.  If you'd like to watch a thank you from some of our third Sunday partners click here.

Homeless Community Support: Oak Life is connected to a local camp community and we're always looking for donations to bring our friends.  Current needs include: bottle waters, clipper/bart cards, packs of socks, cold meds, and gift cards.  If you'd like to donate, just bring something in on a Sunday and we'll deliver it that week.

Other Stuff?  Got ideas for other ways we can serve our community?  Want to start a new group?  Interested in organizing a hike our outing? Oak Life is a community led church- so let's make it happen.  Just shoot us back an email.

That's all for now!

Grace and Peace, 

Chris Scott

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