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Updates on our Open Letter

We are so grateful for the amazing amount of support we received over the past 2 weeks on our open letter. Earlier this week, the open letter surpassed one thousand signatures from organizations and individuals. We have also received a wide amount of media coverage, including TV interviews and radio interviews with CCF Advisory members, many of which have been linked on our website: https://onlineacademiccommunity.uvic.ca/ccf/open-letter-press-coverage/
Canada, US, and China
in the News:

France24: "France and China call for Ukraine peace talks, Xi urges ’restraint‘"

April 6, 2023.   Written by: Gonzalo Fuentes

"President Emmanuel Macron met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Beijing on Thursday, as the French leader seeks to dissuade China from supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Speaking to the press after a signing ceremony, Macron said that he and Xi had found agreement on principles during their discussions, which focused largely on war in Ukraine."





Passage: "The Media‘s Coverage Of Alleged Chinese Interference Is Racist"

April 4, 2023.   Written by: Davide Mastracci

"Accusing a Chinese MP of secretly working for China is inherently racist unless you can prove it‘s true. The media hasn‘t done so."




Asia Pacific Foundation: "Taiwan-China Relations Remain Complicated, but New Olive Branches Extended"

March 23, 2023

"Signs of warmer trade and travel relations across the Taiwan Strait have emerged this month, with previously banned food imports from Taiwan being given China‘s nod to ship again, and resumed flight and ferry routes allowing people, or even officials, to make first cross-strait trips in more than three years. With Taiwan‘s next presidential election on the horizon, public opinion strongly divided over China‘s role in Taiwan‘s future, and Beijing‘s ramped-up campaign to keep the island in its orbit, tension-easing efforts remain complicated."




MSNBC: "Rep. Judy Chu: I am a target of the right‘s new McCarthyism"

March 6, 2023.   Written by: Judy Chu, representative for California's 28th congressional district

"Today, the Chinese government, its decisions and its relations with the U.S. will stay in the news — that is clear. But in addressing issues of national security and economic competition between the two countries, the government of the People‘s Republic of China should be our focus, not the people of China or people of Chinese descent."
Foreign Policy Analyses:

Edmonton Journal: "Any probe of foreign political meddling should include Big Oil"

March 30, 2023.   Written by: Gordon Laxer

"A public inquiry into foreign political meddling must go beyond China and other foreign governments. It should include powerful non-state actors. Jason Kenney‘s UCP government created a precedent for this in 2019 when it called a public inquiry to investigate what it alleged were vast sums of U.S. foundation money that flowed to Canadian environmental groups to landlock Alberta oil. Unfortunately, the episode was a lesson in how not to conduct a public inquiry...
All major oil corporations operating in Alberta and Canada are majority foreign-owned. Foreign-owned means foreign-funded and foreign-influenced."




Yves Engler: "Why does NDP support US neocons‘ position on China?"

March 29, 2023.   Written by Yves Engler

"Does the NDP want war with China? Party officials would deny it, but they are promoting measures that increase the likelihood of an apocalyptic conflict."




Foreign Affairs: "America and China Need to Talk"

April 6, 2023.   Written by: Scott Kennedy and Wang Jisi

"Concerned about the trajectory of the U.S.-Chinese relationship and frustrated by our inability to do field research, we put our money (and masks) where our mouths are and endured almost 70 days of quarantine in China in order to make extended visits in the spring and fall of 2022—Kennedy to China, and Wang to the United States...
At a time when Americans and Chinese were frequently talking about each other but hardly talking to each other, our visits offered a rare window into the state of the relationship. What we found was both disturbing and reassuring, and we came away believing that the path to a more constructive relationship flows through rebuilding the sinews of deep and comprehensive social interaction: people-to-people ties, face-to-face communication, cultural exchanges, and on-the-ground fieldwork and observation."





Al Jazeera: "US says China can spy with TikTok. It spies on world with Google"

March 28, 2023.   Written by: Erin Hale

During a five-hour grilling of the chief executive of TikTok last week, United States lawmakers railed against the possibility of China using the wildly popular, partly Chinese-owned app to spy on Americans.
They did not mention how the US government itself uses US tech companies that effectively control the global internet to spy on everyone else. different ways - try bolding, underlining or writing in italics to emphasize what you want to say. You can even add a link that your contacts can directly click on.
Anti-Racism in the Spotlight

Report: "2020 In Hindsight: Intergenerational Conversation on Anti-Asian Racism During the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Released: March 2023
Published by: Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter & Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. 

"When we began talking about anti-Asian racism (AAR) at the start of the pandemic, advocates, activists, and organizers felt the need to repeat: “anti-Asian racism exists, it has always existed, this is not new.”... This usually follows with the list of examples in Canadian history...
But in the spring of the same year of 2020... We paused to look at, to think, to reflect, and to ask ourselves: what does it mean to build solidarity in the fight against different forms of racism? How can communities actually work together to put an end to racial injustice when it is so imbedded and systemic in the world that we inhabit?"





Report: "From Hate to Hope: Report of the Inquiry into Hate in the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Published: March 2023
Published by: The BC Office of the Human Rights Commissioner

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, we lost our collective innocence. We know now that we cannot take our communities, our jobs, our daily routines, or our political systems for granted... And we know now that along with a health crisis of this proportion we will see social crises, such as the rise of hate and violence. We cannot be surprised by the rise of hate in future states of crisis. We must confront what we have experiences during the pandemic and take action now to prevent it from happening again. Out recommendations chart out a path for action."




UBC Allard Law: "A new decade of solidarity and collective action for Asian Canadian lawyers"

March 21, 2023.   By Carol Liao 

In the face of the ongoing climate crisis and the resurgent racism that crested alongside the pandemic, Dr. Carol Liao reflected on what the next 10 years might look like for Asian Canadian lawyers in her keynote address delivered at the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers BC 10th Anniversary Gala on November 26, 2021. 




CCNC-SJ: Special Guest Edit of CSIS Newsletter "Need to Know"

March 23, 2023

The Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice (CCNC-SJ) special guest edit of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) newsletter “Need to Know”  discusses issues of “Racial Profiling/Unconscious Bias, and Applying Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression Lens to National Security”, the “Impact of Geopolitical Dynamics between Canada and China, the “Lived Experiences of Chinese Canadians”, among other issues. 

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