AgriServiceBC: B.C.'s Restart Plan, news and resources July 7, 2021
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Stage 3 and Your Business

B.C.'s Restart is a careful, four-step plan to bring B.C. back together. Getting vaccinated is the most important tool supporting our restart. As of July 1st, B.C. has moved into Stage 3 of our 4 step plan. Importantly, all businesses are now required to move from a COVID-19 Safety Plan to a Communicable Disease Prevention Plan to ensure ongoing health and safety measures.  To learn more about the B.C. Restart Plan and your business, see the B.C. Restart Plan webpage. 


Emergency Response Planning Resources for Producers and Ranchers

With an increase in wildfires, floods and extreme heat, agricultural producers need to have a comprehensive strategy to manage the risks they face. Industry-specific guides and template provide educational materials on various natural and human-caused threats to farms. Emergency Management Guides are an opportunity for producers to be prepared, to mitigate impacts and to tailor responses that a farm would follow in the event of any such emergency.

Wildfire-specific preparedness and mitigation plans are also an essential part of any farm operation. Livestock producers also benefit from registering their farms and ranches through the Premises ID program. Registration is free and helps emergency response personnel more effectively respond to natural disasters like floods and fire.





Managing Extreme Heat for Dairy, Poultry and Berries

This report summarizes findings of a scan that reviewed practices and technologies for managing extreme heat in the dairy, poultry and berry sectors in the Fraser Valley. Producers across the province may find helpful information that may be adapted for your operation. 




Blueberry Enterprise Budgets

Enterprise budgets project the costs and returns of growing and selling a particular crop or livestock over a period of time. Two new enterprise budgets have been added to the growing list of resources available to help farm enterprises with their planning across the province. 




Nutrient Management

An updated Nutrient Management webpage has recently been released to help farmers access relevant information more quickly and easily. The updated webpage is a helpful resource for nutrient management information and tools, many of which have been recently developed. 

Check out the new website for:
-Soil sampling and analysis guidelines 
-Nutrient Management Plan Training overview, summary, and course registration 
   Nutrient Management Calculator 
   BC Application Risk Management (ARM) Tool 
   Manure Nutrient Calculator 
   Post-Harvest Nitrate Test (PHNT) Calculator 
   Soil Test Phosphorus Converter  

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Existing Use Groundwater Users Applications

The Existing Use Groundwater Application period ends in less than 9 months. Please secure your right to use groundwater now and into the future.
Farmers who were using groundwater on or before February 29, 2016, for non-domestic purposes such as irrigation and livestock watering, are legally required to apply for a water license by March 1, 2022. Read the recent announcement from the B.C. Government encouraging existing groundwater users to submit their applications before the deadline. 

Farmers who have applied by the deadline can continue to use groundwater until a decision is made on their application. Those continuing to use groundwater without applying for a license after March 1, 2022 will be committing an offence under the Water Sustainability Act and may be subject to fines and penalties and ordered to stop using water.

Those who apply after the deadline must apply as a new groundwater user and will lose recognition of their historical date of first use. Water cannot be lawfully diverted, used or stored until a license has been obtained. 

Applications can be made online at Anyone who needs help with their water license application can contact FrontCounter BC at 1-877-855-3222.

FrontCounterBC has published a helpful checklist for applicants and a Ground Water Licensing Brochure for more information, as well as a 16-minute How to Apply video that demonstrates how to obtain the information required for your application.   





Focus on the farm a priority in COVID-19 recovery

For the second consecutive year, the Province is waiving the income requirements normally required for existing B.C. farm operations when qualifying for farm classification. Read the news release for more information. 
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Roots to Success: Risk Management Workshop for Producers

•  First half: July 13, 2021 - 10 am. to 1 p.m. EDT
•  Second half: July 16, 2021- 10 am. to 1 p.m. EDT

Farm Management Canada invites farmers to attend the Roots to Success Risk Management virtual training session to increase their ability to assess and address risks using a comprehensive approach to managing risk on the farm.

The training session will allow you to:
•  Gain knowledge, tools, and resources to make better business decisions
•  Share best practices and lessons learned with other producers
•  Begin to create a comprehensive risk management plan tailored to your farm

By participating in this training session, you will gain FREE access to AgriShield®, an online risk management platform for a period of one year. Space is limited. Register now! 

 Want to see more webinars to support that could support your business? Visit our AgriService B.C. Past Webinars library to view other recorded webinars.
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