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Apple Day!

The BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in collaboration with New Tree Fruit Varieties Development Council (NTFVDC), BC Fruit Growers Association (BCFGA), Okanagan-Kootenay Sterile Insect Release (OKSIR) & Summerland Varieties Corp (SVC) are hosting an in-person apple grower focused day on the horticultural practices that create value for selling apples. There is a line-up of knowledgeable guest speakers from highly successful apple growing regions across North America who will share their insights into how they approach growing top quality apples and practices to consider when producing your own apples. Lunch and refreshments will be provided during the event at no cost and Pesticide Applicators Certificate (PAC) points will be available for attending certain talks. 

NOTE THAT REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED – click on the link below to register.

When: March 7, 9am to 3pm
Where: Peachland Community Centre, Peachland, B.C.
Registration: (free) Eventbrite - Growing Value with Great Apples





Nitrogen Management: Fertilizer types, uses and advantages

The BC Climate Agri-Solutions Fund and the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food invite you to a continuation of the Nitrogen Management Education Series. Horticultural advisors and growers are invited to attend and learn the latest approaches to fertilizer technology. Join our experts to discuss nitrogen fertilizer types, uses and advantages for tree fruits.

Our guest speaker for this workshop is Stephen Eng. Stephen has recently retired from a 30-year career in Agronomy, where he worked with growers throughout BC to develop nutrient programs for their crops.

To register, please visit:




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From The Ground Up Conference & Trade Show

For Primary Producers and Processors

Industry experts have been announced! Check out the website for updated information!

From the Ground Up Conference features a full day of interactive panel discussions that focus on how to successfully expand a growing B.C. food and beverage business (for Primary Producers and Processors).

From the Ground Up Trade Show is the only 100% B.C. trade show connecting our local brands to multiple market channels (for those who have food, beverage and other primary processed branded products). 

This industry-only 100% B.C. local trade show connects new and innovative B.C. food and beverage brands to buyers, distributors, brokers, chefs, media, and other food industry supporters to showcase and support the incredible processors, producers, and food landscape right here in B.C. The first 30 exhibitor registrants will have one of their products reviewed by a panel of five industry experts.

As a trade show participant, you receive one or two complimentary tickets to the From The Ground Up Conference that takes place the day prior to the trade show.

Conference Details
Date: May 17, 2023 
Location: Vancouver PNE Forum

Tradeshow Details
Date: May 18, 2023 
Location: Vancouver PNE Forum
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Seafood Business Accelerator Program (SBA)

The Centre for Seafood Innovation has finished accepting registrations for the first intake of the Seafood Business Accelerator.  The SBA is designed to help small scale BC coastal fishers and farmers find a sustainable niche in the global food system. While this seafood sector, comprising wild-harvest fish, shellfish, seaweed, and farmed shellfish, remains a major socioeconomic contributor to Indigenous and Non-Indigenous coastal and remote communities, harvesters struggle to find or maintain a foothold in a competitive marketplace.

The SBA‘s goal is to provide seafood-specific early-stage business coaching, food industry training and project implementation to help not only small-scale owners, but to contribute generally to regional employment, income generation, and social well-being. The initiative will help take harvesters from being ’price takers‘ to ’price makers‘ — in other words, encourage food entrepreneurs to set their own prices and create new jobs in the local seafood industry.

The SBA was developed by the Centre for Seafood Innovation at Vancouver Island University in partnership with the BC Commercial Fishing Caucus. The program is funded by the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Island Coastal Economic Trust, and the T. Buck Suzuki Foundation. Generous in-kind contributions came from Vancouver Island University and the BC Commercial Fishing Caucus. The Native Fishing Association, BC Young Fishermen‘s Network, BC Shellfish Growers Association, and the Pacific Seaweed Industry Association provided letters of support for the SBA.

We are thrilled that this program will provide invaluable assistance to the bolstering of BC Seafood Producers in supplying seafood to British Columbians.

To learn more about the SBA, and when the second intake may open visit:





Rancher Partnership Pilot

B.C. ranches are hotspots for biodiversity and play a critical role in our overall landscape resiliency and the health of our rural communities. Ducks Unlimited Canada launched the Rancher Partnership Pilot in 2022, this multiyear pilot is a partnership-based program focused on the conservation, restoration, and stewardship of wetlands, riparian areas, and grasslands of B.C.‘s interior. Through the pilot program, DUC is working directly with ranchers to steward and protect species at risk habitat, enhance biodiversity, and increase carbon sequestration. On-the-ground conservation activities take many forms, but in terms of the Rancher Partnership Pilot they include infrastructure needs such as fencing and water developments or wetland and grassland enhancement and restoration. The Cariboo-Chilcotin region is a priority area for the 2023 Rancher Partnership Pilot, but Ducks Unlimited is happy to discuss potential projects on ranchlands across interior British Columbia.

Interested? Let‘s talk.

Matthew Christensen
Phone: 604-341-0672




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Provincial Seafood Processing Capacity Assessment

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has contracted G S Gislason & Associates Ltd (GSG) to undertake a provincial seafood processing capacity assessment. The study aims to assess the current state, competitiveness, and needs of seafood processing in B.C. The goal is to better understand the opportunities and barriers to enhancing seafood processing capacity, in order to develop an action plan for industry and government collaboration to increase processing capacity and innovation for B.C. caught and grown seafood. GSG has been interviewing key seafood industry members for input into the study.

If you wish to provide input to the study, please contact Gordon Gislason at, (604) 685-7936.

The project ends on March 24, 2023. 

Knowledge and Technology Transfer Program

The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Program is scheduled to open its 2023 Spring Intake April 1, 2023. Organizations are encouraged to begin thinking about events/activities they may be planning for 2023/24 and reach out to their local Regional Agrologist to assist with the planning and application process. Please check the website for updates and review the 2022-23 Program Guide (an updated 2023-24 Program Guide will be available shortly).

New this year, the online application form will require a BCeID to provide the applicant the ability to save and return to their application. Consider signing up for a
Basic BCeID now, if you haven't already, to save time later. 

For more information, please visit the website:




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Applications for the Light Reflecting Materials Program - OPEN

The Light Reflecting Material Program (LRM) provides 50% cost-shared funding, for producers to purchase light reflecting materials (LRMs). Materials must be purchased from approved sellers for installation and use in the 2023 growing season. Research and practical demonstrations show that light reflecting materials improve colouring and enhance product quality when apples are harvested at the proper ripeness (e.g. not overripe due to delays in harvest to attain higher colour saturation).

This program is delivered under the new Tree Fruit Industry Stabilization Plan (TFISP), with support from the Steering Committee and administered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC (IAF).

Applications accepted until March 15, 2023 at 4:30pm PST. Applications will be reviewed and approved on a first come, first serve basis until funding is fully allocated.

For more details, including eligibility information, and how to apply, visit:





BC Farm Worker Safe Isolation Program

Employers who provide housing to farm workers, including on-site camping, are responsible for supporting the accommodations and day-to-day needs (e.g. food) of self-isolating workers due to COVID-19. With the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, we remind employers that the BC Farm Worker Safe Isolation Program is available until March 2023.

Employers can apply for up to $3000 for each farm worker supported to safely isolate in a hotel or motel.

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Organic BC Podcast:
How Tree Fruit Breeders in BC Are Adapting to Climate Change

This episode: a conversation with two biologists from the Summerland Research and Development Centre about how climate change is impacting tree fruit production in BC, and how the breeding work of the research centre can help the industry understand and adapt to these impacts. 

Listen now at
This episode of the Organic BC Podcast was funded by the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
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